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Modern Herbal Supplements

Chinese herbal medicine refers to the traditional and modern use of a wide range of herbal, animal and mineral products that are used according to the diagnostic principles of Chinese medicine. The preparation process, parts of the plant, dosage and information on appropriate combinations are all studied to a high degree.


The range that we have chosen to use at Newtown Acupuncture Centre, Evergreen Herbs, is purely plant based. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are these herbal products? 

Evergreen take safety very seriously, and wish to be world leaders in this. The products are made with the utmost respect for our bodies fluctuating balance and only plants that have a long history of safety are included in the formulas.


Will I experience side effects?

Evergreen formulas are designed to be gentle yet effective, encouraging the body to heal in a balanced way that does not push the body out of  balance in the opposite direction. If you think you are experiencing a side effect, take a break from the product until you return to normal. Then, at a lower dose, re-start the product. If you are still having problems, call us and we can problem solve what may be causing issues. 


What dosage should I take?

Each box has general guidelines on the outside, however you may need to adjust this to suit your constitution, sensitivity and the nature of the condition being treated. Please start at a lower dose before increasing it. It is important that you find the right dosage, and adjust this as you need more or less of a product. We are here to help you with herbal consults too. 

How long should I take herbal supplements for?

Each box contains general guidelines. This can depend on how effective the formula is for you as well as how well managed your condition is. We would generally recommend individuals work on health issues for some time, treating both the root causes (which can take longer) as well as the symptoms. It may be best to book in a herbal consult to clarify any questions and make a more long term strategy. Keep in mind that some medications are prescribed for a lifetime, so patience here is important. If after 2 months you see little or no change, then alternative strategies and lifestyle advice may be applicable. 

When will I see a result?

We expect that you should see some changes in your condition after consistently taking one bottle. We would recommend a short or long course of herbs based on the chronicity of your complaint as well as your responsiveness.


Keep in mind, that due to the wholistic nature of these formulas, sometimes the body heals in a different order than our expectation. For example, when treating a menstrual problem, the herbs may initially be helping with fatigue and mood, however as the hormone balance shifts, in time the main complaint of the period problem also can start to change. The body often has multiple layers of imbalance that will be addressed in time with herbal medicine. 

Why are there so many things in each formula?

Evergreen formulas are based on what are called 'classical formulas' of traditional Chinese medicine. This means that herbs are combined in a formula to synergise each other. This creates unique chemistry and also targets multiple systems in the body at the same time. Some herbs are also used to balance the formula, making them more gentle and reducing side effects. Evergreen also utilise modern vitamin science, as the herbs are designed to treat the body at many levels. 

Can I take these products alongside my usual medications?

We generally recommend that these formulas are taken an hour either side of taking usual medications. In the case where you are taking an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant or mood stabilizing drug, we advise you ask your pharmacist if they are aware of any contraindications, and also take a very low dose of the herbal product. Evergreen wish to maintain high standards of safety, and all their products have thorough instructions for use. If you wish for more detailed explanations and guidance, book in for a herbal consult. 

I no longer have the problem I bought the herbs for, shall I continue to take them?

Firstly check that the product is still within it's useby date. Secondly, consider how long you have not had any symptoms for. TCM herbal formulas can be used as a preventative strategy for recurring issues, however your condition may also have changed and another product may now be more suitable. Please call for advise 04 974 6541 

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