Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine refers to the traditional and modern scientific use of a range of herbal, animal and mineral products that are used according to the diagnostic principles of Chinese medicine. The part of the plant used (root, stem, leaf, flower etc) the time or years needed to harvest, the specific species differences, preparation process, dosage and information on appropriate combinations are all studied to a high degree.


The range that we have chosen to use at Newtown Acupuncture Centre, Evergreen Herbs, is purely plant based. 


We have chosen this range due to the following principles

- formula's contain only non-toxic herbs

- formula's follow the traditional and time tested combinations of plants used for centuries

- NZ Made and designed to meet chronic health needs of NZ's

- high quality ingredients and preparation standards (Australian GMP)

Chinese medicine has a strong focus on preventative medicine and chronic health conditions.
TCM is strong at preventative medicine, as it focuses on early detection and treatment of sub-clinical and functional symptoms, preventing a knock on effect to other physiological systems and more entrenched disease processes
Treatment strategies focus on strengthening the bodies innate self governing and self healing abilities, which is why it is effective in working with chronic health conditions. This is not always a quick fix as sometimes health conditions have developed over months or years


  •   A lack of clear diagnosis in conventional medicine


  • A lack of treatment options in conventional medicine


  • Other interventions are not affordable


  • Allergies or intolerance's prevent continuation of medications


  • Symptom relief is not adequate under current treatment strategy


In light of the current pandemic, what would be more on our minds than promoting our immune system.

Our immune system can be affected by a variety of factors, and so it is important to see how best you can promote your well-being.

Some common factors that affect immunity include; stress, fatigue, poor nutrition and chronic disease.


Fortunately, Evergreen Herb have been working towards developing products that support the immune system well before the current health crisis. Now is a good time to ensure your health is balanced on all levels.  



Our immune system can be heavily taxed by stress, as all  our resources are sent to manage the stressful issue, leaving our body tense and restless. 

Keeping calm and relaxed helps our immune system to operate more eficiently and effectively.