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Shaolin Kung Fu

One of the oldest and most famous styles of martial arts, originating and developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in Hennan province, China. Shaolin Kung Fu combines Zen and martial arts to cultivate martial skill, health and knowledge.

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Shaolin Kung Fu

6pm-7.30pm ​​

  • Fitness training

  • Sanda (Chinese kick boxing)

  • Chin Na (self defence)

  • Ji Ben Gong (forms training) 

  • Stretching/ strengthening

  • Tao lu (traditional forms)

  • Traditional weapon forms


Shaolin Kung Fu 

Hernan follows and teaches traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Shu. He has competed and won medals at championship level in both NZ and Latin America, and has a real passion and dedication for teaching.

Throughout his martial arts training, Hernan has studied under a number of martial arts masters. Here in New Zealand, Hernan regularly trains with a Chinese teacher (Sifu) in Christchurch who spent his teenage years as a monk and martial artist at the Shaolin temple in China.

Hernan believes that Kung Fu, which translates as 'to do it perfectly' is for everyone. He welcomes any student who has a genuine interest in discovering the jewels of martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu. 

Outside of martial arts, Hernan is part of the treatment team here at Newtown Acupuncture Centre, tirelessly applying his martial arts strength to his massage work. 


Shaolin Kung Fu $20

 ($15 for students/ community service card/ gold card holders)

10 Trip Pass $160/ $130 concession

(Can be used for Yoga/ Shaolin/ Kickboxing classes too) 

Valid for 6 months from purchase. Trip cards are kept at reception for your convenience. 

Membership $30

Undertaking a new practice requires commitment and enthusiasm in order to master new skills. It's normal to not always feel like training, and yet it's amazing what can be achieved with regular practice. We welcome anyone who has a desire to be part of our school, however in order for our teachers to give their best, we require students to commit to the practices.

Becoming a member entitles you to some discounted services at NAC, as well as reserves your space. Our teachers show a high level of commitment, and becoming a member supports us to do this. 


Genuine Feiyue

martial arts shoes $65

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