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Facial & Skin Care

Come and experience the effects of acupuncture. The tiny acupuncture needles applied to the skin encourage local blood circulation as the micro-trauma from the needles triggers the bodies healing system, helping rejuvenate the area. On a systemic level, your practitioner will be looking out for chronic health issues and lifestyle factors that may be contributing.

At Newtown Acupuncture Centre, we take a thorough health history to understand what might be the major causes of skin or complexion issues. Hormones, digestion, stress, diet and genetics can all play a role in how our skin looks. Book in for cosmetic acupuncture which can help treat problem skin or just work on a glowing complexion and support anti-aging. 

Clinically proven herbal support


We know how food provides us with specific nutrients and compounds for holistic health, however sometimes fail to see how herbs contain many plant chemicals with specific and studied actions on the body. Evergreen Herbs NZ uses food homologous ingredients that are easily recognized and digested by the body. 

Acne Support combo focuses on hormonal imbalance aggravated by stressful lifestyle and poor metabolism and detoxification pathways leading to problems with acne. 

Natural Beauty combo focuses on nourishing and lubricating the skin, hair and mucous membranes by providing nutrients and support to the internal organs. It's vital we shift our thinking of skin as an external organ, and appreciate it's connection to our overall internal health. To learn more about Evergreen Herb Formulas, see our page on Herbal Medicine 

Light Therapy to target skin conditions

Utilize our machines for just $15 extra to your acupuncture/ massage treatment

Red light is thought to work by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthens the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell — it’s where the cell’s energy is created. The energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  By increasing the function of the mitochondria using RLT, a cell can make more ATP. With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage. HEALTHLINE 

This is how it is thought that the red light spectrum can help to regenerate damaged skin. This includes sun damaged skin, poor wound healing, psoriasis etc. You can add on a 25 minute light therapy session to your acupuncture treatment, or use it as a standalone treatment. See our page on Light Therapy for more information. 

Tools to improve circulation in the face

Additional Reading & Research

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