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fibro - means fibrous tissue
myo - means muscle
algia - means pain

Fibromyalgia typically includes ongoing muscle pains throughout the body. As well as this, there can be issues with fatigue, mood, sleep and digestion. In Chinese medicine, we have our own 'pattern differentiation' for Fibromyalgia. 


Arthritis New Zealand recommends a number of therapies to increase relaxation, in turn reducing fatigue and pain. Acupuncture, massage, infra red heat and Qigong are included in these recommendations. 

According to Chinese Medicine diagnostics, Fibromyalgia can have a few different key causes. Some people may have more psychological root causes that affect the physical function of the body, while others may more physical causes based on constitutional factors. We hope to find solutions that improve your quality of life and allow your body to come back into balance again. 

Another option may be regular use of our high quality infrared sauna.



Further Reading and Research


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Fibromyalgia - Arthritis New Zealand

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