ACC & Injuries 

How do I register an injury with ACC?

Newtown Acupuncture Centre has a registered nurse on site who can register your injury with ACC, for free. Injuries can also be registered by seeing a doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor and a few other treatment specialists.  


Do I need to be referred to acupuncture?

No. Once you have your ACC number (called an ACC45 or claim number) you can use any ACC registered therapy. You can also combine therapies, ensuring you get the best of care.

How many treatments can I have?

The number of treatments you can have is based on your diagnosis and how effective the treatment is. When an injury is registered with ACC, you are typically entitled 16 treatments, however your practitioner and ACC will determine this according to your recovery. If the injury is severe or there are additional factors that interfere with the normal healing time, there is an option for your practitioner to request additional treatments. 


Can you treat other injuries/ problems at the same time? 

Your practitioner is not able to treat any other injury or health problem during the session if you are being funded by ACC. If you wish to use acupuncture to treat other conditions, please talk with your practitioner and book in for a private session on another day. 

Additional Information

ACC treatments must be used within one year of starting treatments, and you must have begun treatment for the injury within one year. If your injury was more than one year ago, you will need to ask your practitioner to file an 'ACC32' asking for extension of treatments. The clinical team at ACC will assess the case, and inform both the practitioner and patient of their decision. 


Initial Consult and Acupuncture Treatment (first time visiting our clinic) $40

ACC Acupuncture Follow Up Treatment $28

Student - Initial consult and Acupuncture Treatment $30

Student ACC Follow Up $18


* $15 extra for private room appointments.

Either book this online or upgrade the day by asking your practitioner on arrival.