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Our Team

Newtown Acupuncture Centre was established in 2015 with the aim of providing patients with affordable and accessible treatments. Good health should be a right rather than a luxury.


Our acupuncture practitioners hold at minimum a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Acupuncture, a 4 year, full-time degree program here in NZ. We have a registered nurse on site, who is able to register injuries with NZ's national health insurers, ACC, allowing for subsidized acupuncture treatment. All our acupuncturists can treat under ACC and are members of Acupuncture NZ.

We pride ourselves on working as a team. Patients have the option of selecting one practitioner for all their treatments, or they can see a number of different practitioners based on skills, timing, or simply preference.

Welcome to Newtown Acupuncture

Eileen Sepulveda Massage Therapist Physiotherapist (Chile)


Violaine Vairpiova Acupuncturist

Massage Therapist Martial Arts Teacher

Hernan Rojas Nazar Massage Therapist/ Martial Arts Teacher


Edmund Liu Peng Acupuncturist

Kirsten _edited_edited

Kirsten Rodgers Acupuncturist

Acupuncturist Registered Nurse Martial Arts Teacher

Xiao Meng Acupuncturist/ Nurse/ Martial Arts Teacher

Massage Therapist

Oscar Wynne-Ewens Massage Therapist

Laura Callaghan_edited

Laura Callaghan Acupuncturist/ Manager NAC

English: All practitioners
Spanish: Hernan
, Eileen
Mandarin: Edmund & Xiao
French: Violaine



Xiao 9.30am - 2pm

Oscar 1pm - 5pm 

Violaine 10 - 5pm


Hernan 10.30am - 5pm

Xiao 9.30am - 2pm 

Kirsten 9am - 4pm 

Violaine 10am - 5pm

Eileen 10am - 3pm



Kirsten 9.30am - 3.30pm

Xiao 9.30am - 5pm 

Hernan 9.30am - 2.30pm 


Xiao 10am - 2pm 

Kirsten 9.30am - 5pm 

Hernan 10.30am - 5pm

Laura 10.30am - 2.30pm 

Eileen 9.30am - 4.30pm



Edmund (on leave till Fri 28th June) 

Xiao 9.30am - 4pm 

Laura 1pm - 6pm

Oscar 11am - 4pm

Eileen 9am - 5.30pm



Laura 9am - 2pm

Oscar 9am - 2pm 


Oscar 10am - 4pm 

Edmund (on leave till Fri 28th June) 

Violaine 10am - 5pm

Our Acupuncturists

Whether you need to take it slow, with gentle needling, or you want deep strong acupuncture sensations, we can adjust to your needs.

Flower Outline

Edmund completed his Bachelor and Masters Degree's in China, and worked at a integrated Chinese and Conventional Medicine Hospital there before moving to NZ where he has worked as an acupuncturist as well as lecturer at The NZ School of Acupuncture & TCM.


Edmund is a kind and attentive practitioner who has a genuine love of Chinese medicine and his patients wellbeing. He will guide you through the  acupuncture session and talk you through any manipulations of the needle or techniques he is using to attain results. 



Xiao was born in China, where he completed his initial training in Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. He then moved to NZ to study nursing and spent 10 years working in this field in NZ, including post-graduate studies in mental health nursing. Xiao then went on to do a health science degree in Acupuncture through the NZSATCM. In 2015 he opened Newtown Acupuncture alongside his colleagues. 

Xiao believes that consistency in treatment leads to the best results. Xiao's calm and kind manner goes perfectly with his preference for slightly stronger needling styles. This style of acupuncture can often wield great results, with intensity modified to suit different  temperaments and needs. 



Kirsten is a skilled therapist who has worked in a variety of settings, including many years in a multi-disciplinary pain clinic. Working alongside Physio's, Orthopedic surgeons and other rehabilitation specialists, Kirsten has insight into integrative care strategies and an excellent skillset for managing musculoskeletal disorders and pain. She happily refers on as needed.

Kirsten is also passionate about chronic internal health conditions, and loves using herbs and traditional herbal formulas in her practice. 


Violaine photo_edited.jpg

Violaine, originally from France, settled in New Zealand ten years ago and has lived and worked in several countries. Her career pathways have meant she relates with compassion and understanding to a wide variety of people and backgrounds.


She is a graduate of the NZ School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Assisting with her patient’s overall well-being and maintenance of a healthy mind and body is Violaine’s major focus. Her experience includes treating patients needs for pain management, weight management, headaches/migraines, sports injuries, fatigue, mental/emotional health, allergies, digestive issues, sleep disorders, men’s and women’s health issues, including fertility and menstrual disorder challenges.


If the thought of needles have you anxious; Violaine’s care and gentle approach will quickly put you at ease.


Laura's first real introduction to Chinese culture and history was on a trip to Yunnan province of China in her early twenties. She then returned to New Zealand to undertake the 4 year Bachelor Health Science Degree in Acupuncture in Wellington. This was followed by a 3 year apprenticeship to a TCM doctor in Palmerston North for deeper diagnostic experience and training with a seasoned master. 


She enjoys both traditional acupuncture wisdom as well as exploring modern pathophysiological understanding and treatment options for integrative care solutions.  

She is a strong advocate for acupuncture care to be used as an adjunctive treatment to support patients dealing with difficult conditions. Email her for more info. 


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