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Other Funding Options

Healthcare can be costly. However, it is one of the most important investments to make. If you are wondering what options are available for funding acupuncture treatment, here are some possible avenues to follow up on. 

WINZ (Work and Income NZ) 

WINZ can contribute to the cost of treatment for those registered with them. There are three steps to take if you wish to get assistance from WINZ.

1. Pick up the required paperwork from one of their offices. This will generally be an application for a 'Disability Allowance.' WINZ

2. Your doctor will need to write a letter that recommends acupuncture or massage as part of your treatment/ management of your illness.

3. Drop in for a 10 minute consult about your treatment and we will write a quote that you can give to WINZ as part of your application. 


Veterans Affairs

This organisation liaises with government agencies to ensure NZ veterans are supported. Talk with your local branch or case manager whether acupuncture may be a treatment option for you. 

Private Health Insurance

Check your health insurance policy for acupuncture/massage cover.


See our page on ACC coverage. ACC

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