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Reiki Treatment

Cancer Treatment Support

Helping you cope through challenging times

Finding your way through a cancer diagnosis, and the uncertainties that brings can be a lot. There is the psychological weight of it all, plus the potential physical changes that come along with it. Having a broad range of supportive strategies in place may make the journey that little bit easier. 

Acupuncture has been shown to be a good supportive option for helping patients deal with some of the side effects of conventional cancer treatments. In particular, research tends to be positive for acupunctures use in the areas of

CIPN (chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain)






Recovering from cancer requires a genuine focus on wellness and positive outcomes, and we believe that acupuncture can be a great adjunctive therapy to help you maintain your health both during your conventional treatments as well as after the treatment is complete and you look to attain your best health. 


We may also recommend supplements (if not contraindicated, and you are no longer doing chemotherapy) to help your immune system recover. We also still treat each individual from our unique diagnostic perspective, and support the body to rebalance.

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We have a range of medicinal mushrooms that have been shown to support normal immune function

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Traditional herbal formulas that target different organ systems may be useful for supporting digestion, fatigue, mood disorders etc

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