Treating the adverse side effects of cancer treatment

Modern cancer treatments can be very effective at saving and prolonging life, but they sometimes come with debilitating adverse side effects. It is worth considering acupuncture to help support your body and mind through a cancer diagnosis and treatments.

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, or have ongoing effects from treatment, acupuncture could be well worth a try. We see a variety of cancer patients in the clinic, all at different stages of their journey. Having a team of people around you to offer you their support in this time can make all the difference. 

Our facility is conveniently located opposite Wellington Hospital, and is a few buildings from The Cancer Society. We are also flexible in our scheduling, as we understand that some days are simply not as easy as others to visit the clinic.


As cancer treatments can be fairly complicated, we endeavor to keep specialists informed of treatments. We have Chinese herbal supplements available post recovery from cancer treatments, however do not give Chinese herbal medicine while actively undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, unless under the permission of a patients oncologist. 


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