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Phone: 04 974 6541 please leave a message if we do not pick up, we will just be busy with patients and get back to you asap.

Email: Our email is monitored throughout the day and for urgent issues, more frequently. Sometimes it may be easier to get in touch via email than calling.

Text Reminder: We may not reply immediately, however for non urgent communication, we can be reached via replying to your text reminder.

Drop In: We will have a chat and book you in as soon as we are free to



On average, our treatments range between 30-60 minutes. There are a number of parking options to consider when coming to the clinic.

1. Countdown Supermarket - On the bottom floor, Countdown has dedicated 90 minute carparks for those using shops on Riddiford Street. It is then an easy 5 minute walk towards Newtown shops to get to the clinic.

2. Newtown shops/ surroundings - Free parking for 60 minutes. 

3. Adelaide Road - Adelaide road runs parallel with us, as it is the road that is above the clinic.  Our clinic is located on the corner of Hall and Riddiford Streets

4. Paid Parking - Both the hospital and Hall Street have paid parking options.


We are located on the ground level on the corner of Hall Street and Riddiford Streets, very close to the central shops of Newtown. We are on the opposite side of the road to the hospital, next to the cancer society and Bebemos. 

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