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Weight Management / Reduction

Weight reduction can take discipline and a bit of grit. Our unique package will help you achieve your health/weight loss goals through utilizing a range of skills, including lifestyle advice, hands on therapies and herbal supplements.

Our bodies are all uniquely different and diverse, and here at Newtown Acupuncture we celebrate every-bodies individuality! Some people want to loose some weight in order to feel and look they way they want, while others have health conditions that they know are complicated by carrying extra weight. We like to know the needs of our patients, ensuring we can offer them the right support to see their goals achieved. The following therapies are offered to help you on your weight loss journey.


Weight reduction massage

Our massage therapist trained in weight reduction massage in Chile, South America. The treatment manually stimulates the fat cells, breaking fatty accumulations down so that they can be eliminated from the body more easily. This technique is combined with lymphatic massage to encourage broken down fat tissues to be moved through the lymphatic system and out of the body. Hernan also applies special thermal gel at the end of the treatment that causes the body to 'turn up the heat' in the area it is applied to, increasing circulation to the area.

Chinese herbal medicine

Centuries of knowledge have accumulated in the tradition of Chinese medicine. It is often prescribed to address the health needs of the whole person to support their weight goals, be it emotional instability and food craving, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and low motivation, stress/ tension, chronic digestive issues etc. We use top quality modified classical formulas that have shown their efficacy and safety over decades of use.



Acupuncture is applied with a similar focus to Chinese herbal medicine, as they share the same diagnostic system. Acupuncture however also allows for that deep relaxation and time out here at the clinic. The needles are placed at acupuncture points that match the needs of the individual. A 2017 systematic review and meta analysis found that acupuncture appeared to be an effective treatment for adult obesity. Go here


Infra-red Sauna

Sauna's are a great way to help with circulation and detoxification. The sauna induces a sweat, and people report a similar relaxation response as after moderate exercise.


Martial Arts

Movement is important in so many ways. It helps with stress and mood disorders, promotes circulation and cardiovascular health, it also increases our joint and muscle conditioning.


Exercise can feel like a chore, but it should also feel good and be sustainable. We run martial arts classes at NAC. Our teachers are supportive, motivated and kind. Shaolin Kung Fu creates agility, flexibility and strength, a bit of a boot camp! but with a strong focus on our relationship to our body and mind, and practical ways to calm down and feel centered. 

Weight Reduction Package $1035    (Usually $1370)



(Specific style)

Value: $120

10 x weight reduction 

massages over a 5-6 week period. This manually breaks the fat cells, so your body can then process and excrete them.

Neck Massage


Value: $35

1 x 40 minute sauna to accelerate the heart rate and help burn calories, as well as flush out toxins. 

sauna time too.jpg
Woman Receiving Acupuncture


Value: $85

1 x acupuncture treatment to focus on enhancing organ functions for metabolism and detox, and to help with craving or addiction. 

Acupuncture old book
Peppermint Leaves

Herbal Consult

Value: $50

1 x  herbal consult to better understand your internal health and work on imbalances

Energy group.jpg


Value: $20 class

2 x exercise classes to promote oxygen, metabolism, stress relief and more. Yoga or martial arts, whatever feels good.

boxing class .jpg

Terms & Conditions

We offer this package as we believe that taking a multi level approach to weight loss is more safe and effective psychologically and physically.


We want our patients to learn good habits and sustain long term results. This package is designed to keep you on track for 2 months, while you commit to the journey.

Due to discounted pricing, there are some terms that apply. 

1. Payment must be made up front, and any refund made within the first 7 days of buying the package. All treatments taken will then be charged at the full rate before the refund is honored. 

2. All treatments in the package must be used over a 12 week period from purchase date. This ensures that you keep on track and don't lose momentum! We advise 8 weeks as a treatment goal. 

3. We advise that all patients try one of the weight reduction massages before purchasing a package, to ensure that it can be tolerated. This is an important part of the package. 

4. Bookings for services must be made with anticipation, as we are  busy clinic, and bookings fill up quickly. 

We look forward to working with you!

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