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Cosmetic Acupuncture & Eastern Facials

Indulge yourself with a pampering facial that uses the science and art of eastern traditions. We focus on beauty from inside out with a comprehensive strategy that not only treats the skin, but the whole person. Our massage therapists use Derma Rollers (tiny needles on a roller)  while our acupuncturists use needles during the treatment.

Relaxing Massage

Eastern Beauty Facials

Guasha, Jade Roller, Massage, Cupping & Derma Roller

Why Eastern Facial

Essentially, the goal of the Eastern Facial is to help the body on all levels to generate a beautiful complexion. 


We focus on healthy circulation to the face, including massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders to help you de-stress and relax tight muscles.


Sliding cups move and stimulate the subcutaneous tissues for detox and regeneration. The repetitive strokes of the  gua sha stone and the insertion of fine needles from the derma roller create tiny micro-trauma that encourages collagen and elastin production and repair of tissues. 


Eastern Beauty Facial
$160 Initial of 90 minutes
$120 Follow Up's of 60 minutes

*Initial includes a Derma Roller for regular home application

Two Dried Leaves

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Our cosmetic acupuncture treatments are performed by our qualified acupuncturists. This means they will be using their Chinese Medicine training to diagnose your skin/ body condition and apply acupuncture in a manner that supports whole body healing. 

The may also recommend Chinese herbal formulas to nourish, detox and brighten the complexion. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture
$150 Initial of 90 minutes
$120 Follow Up's of 60 minutes

Relaxing Massage


The repeated strokes of the guasha stone, derma roller and the soft suction of the cupping are designed to create some redness and irritation to the skin, and it may be a few hours before the skin settles down. If possible, aim to have a quiet evening after treatment and let your body use the rest of it's energy on healing your complexion and supporting the internal changes stimulated by the treatment.

To gain the best results, we have a range of products you can also purchase to enable you to continue home treatments between seeing us. 

Senior Woman
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