Beauty Facials with Guasha, Cupping & Acupuncture

Indulge yourself with a pampering facial that uses the science and art of eastern traditions. We focus on beauty from inside out with a comprehensive strategy that not only treats the skin, but the whole person. 

Natural Beauty Models

Treat a friend who is in need of some self care

Eastern Beauty Facial   
$150 Initial Consult/ Treatment

We invite you in for this luxurious cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

Treatment duration: 80 minutes Initial, 60 minute follow ups.


The treatment involves

* A personalized consult to understand your needs and general health

* Specialized massage techniques using a guasha stone and jade roller to the scalp, face, neck and shoulders.

* Light facial cupping to exfoliate dead skin cells, activate lymph glands, channel oxygen-rich blood

through the soft tissues, nourishing the connective tissues of the face

* Body and face acupuncture treatment.

* Herbal recommendations from one of our qualified acupuncturists to ensure long lasting results and change by supporting internal health 

We recommend 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks for optimal results, however life is busy, start with one.. Book 2 treatments in a week and pay $240.


Follow up appointments $120 (60 mins)

Package of 6 Treatments - $670 


All treatments must be used over a 3 week period.

Why Eastern Facial

Essentially, the goal of the Eastern Facial is to help the body on all levels to generate a beautiful complexion. We do this through identifying common internal health issues that can affect skin health (poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients, hormonal imbalances, stress, fatigue etc) and balance this with acupuncture and herbal formulas.


Secondly, we focus on local blood circulation to the face, including massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders. The  repetitive strokes of the  guasha stone and the insertion of fine needles to the face create tiny micro-traumas that encourage collagen production and repair of tissues. 

Jade Roller_edited.jpg


The repeated strokes of the guasha stone and the soft suction of the cupping are designed to create some redness and irritation to the skin, and it may be a few hours before the skin settles down. If possible, aim to have a quiet evening after treatment and let your body use the rest of it's energy on healing your complexion and supporting the internal changes stimulated by acupuncture.

To gain the best results, we have a range of products you can also purchase to enable you to continue home treatments between seeing us. 


Naturally radiant complexion

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silicone cups white.jpg

Cupping to the face may sound a bit odd, so lets explore why this is done. 

Cupping on the face is generally done with either silicone cups or glass and silicone cups. The practitioner can usually control how strong the suction is. It should feel comfortably tight. 

When a cup is applied statically or moved along the skin, the negative pressure inside the cup causes decompression and deep tissue manipulation to the local myofascia; it creates friction, pulls, pinches, rolls and kneads, all at the same time! Only the intensity of the suction will vary. Through cupping application, dead skin is peeled off (exfoliation) and lymph glands are activated, boosting the immune system and helping to clear waste away (detoxification). Meanwhile, oxygen-rich blood is channeled into the micro-blood vessels (oxygen saturation), nourishing the entire connective tissue, resulting in healthier, fuller and younger-looking skin (rejuvenation).

Will I have cupping marks on my face!

Ideally, no! During the first session, the cupping aspect will be done with care to check your individual reaction. If you are prone to 'heat' in the face, and weaker capillaries, then it could be easier to cause bruising, however this is not the goal. Any bruising should clear up completely in a few days, however you may wish to have some concealer at home should this happen. 


Do I have to have needles in the face? 

We can accommodate you if you are unsure about having needles in the face. We could start with 1-2 around the body, then proceed to a few in the face if you feel ok. Just let your practitioner know about your concerns. 

Silicone VS Silicone and Glass for home use

Both of these systems/ tools are great for home use, however there are a few things to consider. 


Pros of silicone only - durable, portable, easy to squeeze for suction 

Cons of silicone only - suction not as tight in smaller sizes

Pros of silicone & glass - 4 sizes means you can match different areas well, stick well to small areas, strong suction

Cons of silicone & glass - little more hand strength required, glass is more breakable/less portable