Private Infrared Sauna

Ready to be cocooned in our top quality infrared sauna? An infrared sauna uses a special healing aspect of light to penetrate the body. It is similar to a traditional sauna, in that it makes you sweat, but it leaves the air temperature more cool and comfortable. 

Share the sauna with another person for just $10 extra each time

To learn more about the health benefits of our Jacuzzi sauna go here.   

One person                                                                         

40 mins - $35                                


60 mins - $50                                                       


* The prices given include time for changing. If the room is not free after the allocated time, every additional $10 fee.

What do I wear?

In an infrared sauna, it's best to get as much of the light on your body as you can. It is also designed to make sweat, so most people find it comfortable wearing nothing. However, wearing your swimwear is another great option. The room is totally private and you can be assured that nobody will enter the room while you are in there (unless an emergency issue arises)

Should I have other treatments at the same time?

We recommend having acupuncture or massage on the same day if you wish, however we recommend the oil from massage is removed with a hot wet towel before entering the sauna, as the oil can block the skin pores which have just been opened and cleaned, and also cause the skin to get too hot.

What if I have a cold/flu?

If you have a cold or flu or sore throat, fever and chills, please do not come to the sauna. 

Sauna Passes & Combination Treatments
Please call or email for combination treatments, as we need to schedule a number of services back to back. 04 9746541

Sauna Passes

Grab yourself a 5 or 10 trip sauna pass and share the gift of sauna's with friends and family. 40 minute sauna's.

5 Pass - 40 mins

10 Pass - 40 mins

5 Pass - 60 mins

10 Pass - 60 mins





Sauna+ Massage

Book yourself a delicious massage and sauna combo. 

35 minute massage + 40 min sauna



Sauna + Acupuncture

Take relaxation a step further and indulge in a combined treatment of acupuncture and massage.



Further Reading & Research 

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