Pregnant belly

Pregnancy Care

We offer a range of pregnancy focused treatments to help you throughout your pregnancy. 

We see women seeking acupuncture for a range of pregnancy related conditions such as; nausea, lower back and pelvic pain, insomnia, headaches, constipation, haemorrhoids and vulval varicosities. We specialize in preparation for birth through cervical ripening, promotion of beneficial hormonal responses and encouraging emotional balance from 36 weeks. 


This clinic also provides supportive care for

-  Breech presentation from 34 weeks

- Women requiring a caesarean section

- post natal recovery and breast feeding following the birth 

See our page on MASSAGE to learn more about our pregnancy massage treatments. 

Download Debra's acupressure booklet here 

Breech Baby

If you have found out that your baby is in a breech position, and you are over 34 weeks, consider using moxibustion at the acupuncture point called BL67 or 'Zhuyin' 

Simply book in for a session in the maternity clinic and your practitioner will give you a supply of moxa sticks, explain how to do the treatment and also check that it is safe for you to go ahead.


If you forget how to do it.. check back here!

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Pre-birth treatments
Giving birth is one of the biggest events in most women's lives. We encourage women to have weekly 'pre-birth' treatments from 36+ weeks to prepare. This usually involves weekly treatments up until birth, unless more frequent treatments are needed for other pregnancy related conditions. You can also pay in advance and gain some discounts and secure your best time. 

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When it is all done, and your beautiful child is born, we will be here to help you recover with postnatal support.