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Breech Presenation

Instructions for moxa use at acupuncture point BL67


BL67 is located at the outer and distal corner of the nail of the little toe. 

1. Light the moxa. (Have a glass jar and lid ready for storage and scraping of ash)

Hold a candle or lighter to the side you wish to light, until it glows and burns on it's own. Moxa sticks can be reused until they are too hot to hold comfortably. If ash accumulates, gently scrape on the side of a glass jar. Do not tap as this can crack the charcoal and leave it vulnerable to breaking off. 

2. Performing moxa

Hold the moxa stick aproximately 3 cm away from the toe. NEVER touching the skin or allowing it to get too hot. You should feel a consistent warm stimulation. Continue to scrape ash away as it builds up to keep the moxa stick hot.

3. Duration

Moxa will need to be applied to both toes, for 20 mins at each point. This can be done at the same time. This treatment must be performed once per day for 10 consecutive days for optimal result. If baby moves out of breech position in this period of time, still continue the full 10 days. 

4. Storage

Moxa sticks are a fire hazard. To extinguish, always put in an air tight jar, and the lack of oxygen will stop it from burning. Do not leave unattended or try to put out via pressure. 

More info and research on Moxa for breech presentation here 

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