Restore vitality and target chronic tiredness associated with two or more of the following:

  • Restlessness, over confidence, low stamina, easily


  • Low tolerance to heat, hot flush
  • Dry skin/lips/eyes/hair, easily thirsty
  • Light sleep/wake up early
  • Prone to hard stools
  • Ear ringing

Energy Support II - 30 capsules

  • Formua Ingrediants 

    Active Ingredients in each capsule, mg (for herbs ext. equiv. to dry herb)

    Angelica polymorpha (root) Dang Gui  43.43
    Rehmannia glutinosa (root tuber) Di Huang  130.28
    Cornus officinalis (sarcocarp) Shan Zhu Yu  52.08
    Ligustrum lucidum (fruit) Nu Zhen Zi  65.14
    Asparagus lucidus (root tuber) Tian Dong  65.14
    Morus alba (fruit-spike) Sang Shen Zi  65.14
    Lycium barbarum (fruit) Gou Qi Zi  43.43
    Sesamum indicum (seed) Hei Zhi Ma  130.28
    Poria cocos (sclerotium) Fu Ling  43.43
    Dioscorea opposita (rhizome) Shan yao   87.19
    Cyathula officinalis (root) Chuan Nu Xi  43.43
    Rosa rugosa (flower bud) Mei Gui Hua   43.43
    Lycium barbarum (root-bark) Di Gu Pi  52.08
    Os draconis Long gu  130.28
    Concha Ostreae (shell) Mu Li  130.28
    Sea salt  5.00
    Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)  20.00
    Encapsulating aids: Magnesium Stearate 10 mg, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 5 mg.