Restore vitality and target chronic tiredness associated
with two or more of the following:
  • Tiredness, lack of fitness and loose tummy
  • Dull complexion with eye bags and dark circles
  • Frequent yawning and sleepiness
  • Low tolerance to cold, feeling cold especially
the extremities, lower back and abdomen
  • Low mood/Low confidence
  • Dribbling urine
These symptoms may be triggered or aggravated by
cold environment and stress.

Energy Support I - 30 capsules

  • Active Ingredients in each capsule, mg (for herbs ext. equiv. to dry herb)

    Angelica polymorpha (root) Dang Gui  42.44
    Citrus reticulata (dried peel) Chen Pi  42.44
    Rehmannia glutinosa (root tuber) prepared Shu Di Huang  127.40
    Cornus officinalis (sarcocarp) Shan Zhu Yu  51.01
    Cynomorium songaricum (stem) Suo Yang  64.05
    Cuscuta hygrophilae (seed) Tu Si Zi  42.44
    Morinda officinalis (root) Ba Ji Tian  63.70
    Epimedium brevicornum (herb) Yin Yang huo  63.70
    Phellodendron amurense (bark) Huang bai  25.46
    Poria cocos (sclerotium) Fu Ling 42.44
    Dioscorea opposita (rhizome) Shan Yao  42.44
    Paeonia suffruticosa (root bark) Mu Dan Pi  25.46
    Alisma orientalis (tuber) Zhe Xie 25.46
    Atractylodes macrocephala (rhizome) Bai Zhu  84.96
    Cyathula officinalis (root) Chuan Niu Xi  25.46
    Cinnamomum cassia (bark) Rou Gui  21.26
    Eleutherococcus senticosus (rhizome) Ci Wu Jia  42.44
    Taxillus chinensis (branch with leaf) Sang Ji Sheng  42.44
    Sea salt  5.00
    Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)  20.00
    L-Leucine 50.00
    L-Isoleucine  50.00
    L-Valine  50.00
    L-Glutamine  50.00
    Encapsulating aids: Magnesium Stearate 10 mg, Colloidal
    Silicon Dioxide 5 mg.