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Target tension/anxiousness associated with any two or
more of the following:
Easily angered/Restless Irritable bowel Comfort
eating Sweaty hands or nervousness Tension /
headache, stiff and achy neck/joints Busy mind, hard
to sleep Heartburn with bloating sensation Bad
breath/Bitter taste Ringing ears/Buzzing Itchy
eyes or blurred vision, triggered or worsened by
stress Blood shot eyes

Tension Free I - 40 capsules

  • Morning Formula I: Dong Quai, Red peony, Baical
    skullcap, Gardenia, Self-heal, Cat's claw herb, Abalone
    shell, Cyathula root, Hardy rubber tree bark, At
    ractylodes, Katsumada galangal, Kudzu vine, Taxillus
    herb, Green tea extract, Taurine.


    Morning Formula II: Dong Quai, Thoroughwax, Mint,
    Rose bud, Atractylodes, Indian bread, Cinnamon, Loo
    fah sponge, Gardenia, Magnolia berry, Tree peony
    bark, Garden peony, Linseed, Cooked Di Huang, Chi
    nese cucumber, Griffonia simplicifolia seed PE, Magne
    sium Amino Acid Chelate 20%, Complex vitamin B.


    Night Formula: Dong Quai, Sour date, Mulberry, Chi
    nese date, Ginger, Oyster shell, Indian bread, Gardenia,
    Aquamin magnesium, Magnesium amino acid chelate
    20%, Passion flower PE, Tart cherry fruit powder PE.
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