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Newtown Acupuncture Centre
affordable & accessible integrated health care
04 974 6541
82 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wlgtn

A popular method of treatment, acupuncture is designed to stimulate the bodies innate healing systems. The fine, single use needles are minimally invasive and often once they are in place, patients report feeling relaxed and at ease. 

We find acupuncture and massage very effective when used alongside each other. We have both a male and a female massage therapist at the clinic. See the 'about us' section for more details about us 

Infrared saunas provide many beneficial health effects, especially for those with cardiovascular-related and rheumatological disease, as well as athletes seeking improved exercise performance. See our sauna page  and links for more info

Sometimes it is too difficult to schedule appointments in the clinic, and you need us to come to you. We do have some availability for off-site acupuncture and massage treatments, so please get in touch if this is some thing you wish to do. There is an additional charge for this service. 

Check out our lifestyle and health related products. This includes world leading herbal formulas and medicinal mushroom powder extracts, as well as wrist supports, neck warmers, moxa and more! 




Luxury private Jacuzzi sauna at Newtown Acupuncture. Bring your favourite tunes, and set your lighting for a truly relaxing experience

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For better living

Chinese medicine excels at the treatment of chronic health conditions. 

Chinese herbal formulas have been an integral part of this system of treatment, and can be an affordable and effective addition to your treatment plan. 

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