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Womens Self- defence classes

Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Having the skills to get out of possibly dangerous situations can be incredibly valuable.

Hernan not only teaches fighting and self defence techniques, but also how to behave to increase the chance of keeping yourself safe. This class is for women 16+ however minors may sign up with a guardian also participating.

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At Newtown Acupuncture & Martial arts
Self-defence is different than traditional martial arts in that you only learn practical skills for self-defence, rather than other areas of traditional martial arts, such as cultivating ones spirit, martial arts techniques and traditional forms.T


he focus is to quickly gain skills to manage dangerous situations, and not just physical skills, but also mental reactions to deal with complicated situations. This course is for a basic level, so you do not need any previous knowledge to come. There will be 4 classes that are 1.15 hours long. The course will teach students how to turn, punch, kick, block, dislocation techniques, meditation to calm the mind, and the most important thing- to be confident.


LOCATION: 82 Riddiford St. Newtown (Newtown Acupuncture Centre) Tel. 04 974 6541

DAY AND TIME:   Currently no classes scheduled. Group bookings possible.

COST: $30 p/c or $100 for 4 sessions. (Students: $22 p/c and $75 for 4 sessions)





Hernan has been exposed to a wide variety of martial arts practices over the last 18 years, and maintains an open mind to all the techniques and styles that are of value. Throughout his martial arts training, Hernan has studied under a number of martial arts masters. He has a dedicated practice in Shaolin Kung Fu.

His kickboxing classes teach fighting skills as well as general strength training, balance, coordination, body mechanics, self defense and flexibility. Hernan believes that Kung Fu, which translates as 'to do it perfectly' is for everyone. There are many different styles of martial arts, and some find the more modern forms or boxing more interesting, while others enjoy the more traditional or spiritual lineages. He encourages students to try different classes and find what feels right. He welcomes students to try both the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes. 

Outside of martial arts, Hernan is part of the treatment team here at Newtown Acupuncture Centre, applying his martial arts strength to his massage therapy work. 

Please email Hernan at

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