Target tension/anxiousness associated with two or
more of the following:
Tension/anxiousness/worry Often feeling hot/night
sweating with dry mouth/lips/throat Hard to sleep/
waking up early Lack of stamina/easily exhausted
Fine ear ringing Heartburn with stomach burning
Bad breath/Dry mouth Impatience with food crav
ing Prone to dry stool and/or scanty yellowish urine
These symptoms may be triggered or aggravated
by emotional upset, stress or hot environment.

Tension Free II - 40 capsules

  • Morning Formula I: Di Huang, Cornelian cherry, Common yam, Amur cork bark, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Long
    Gu, Tree peony bark, Indian bread, Water plantains, Oyster shell, Cinnamon, Dong Quai, Green tea extract, Aquamin magnesium, Magnesium amino acid chelate.

    Morning Formula II: Dong Quai, Thoroughwax, Mint, Rose bud, Atractylodes, Indian bread, Cinnamon, Loofah sponge, Gardenia, Magnolia berry, Tree peony

    bark, Garden peony, Linseed, Cooked Di Huang, Chinese cucumber, Griffonia simplicifolia seed PE, Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 20%, Complex vitamin B.


    Night Formula: Dong Quai, Sour date, Mulberry, Chinese date, Ginger, Oyster shell, Indian bread, Gardenia,
    Aquamin magnesium, Magnesium amino acid chelate
    20%, Passion flower PE, Tart cherry fruit powder PE.