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Lion’s Mane contains over 70 bioactive ingredients and can be considered one of the most interesting mushrooms for gaining and maintaining good health. Very few mushrooms cover such a wide spectrum of therapeutic potential.


Science has been researching Lion's Mane mushrooms for several decades now, but barely scratched the surface so far. Below we've listed the main targets in research.


  • Lion's Mane potential for Immune-modulation 
  • Anti-Gastritis and Anti-Ulcer effects
  • Balancing good and bad cholesterol
  • Anti-diabetic effects
  • Improving cognitive functions and stimulating the Nerve Growth Factor
  • Potential effects on menopausal problems, depression, anxiety

Lions Mane Mushroom (120+ 180 caps)

  • The L+ combi includes:

    • a full spectrum, lossless 1:1 hot water fruiting body extract, (180 capsules @ 300 mg)
    • a pharma-grade pure mycelium alcohol extract, (120 capsules @ 450 mg)

    This supplement combination covers the full spectrum of Lion's Mane 's therapeutic potential.

    This can cover 2 - 4 months of use 

    About 1:1 full spectrum lossless hot water fruiting body extract

    Includes 180 vegetable capsules @ 300 mg
    ≥ 2.5 % Terpenes
    ≥ 0.6 % Hericenones
    > 30 % Beta-glucans

    About pure mycelium alcohol extract

    Includes 120 vegetable capsules @ 450 mg
    ≥ 7 % Terpenes
    ≥ 5 % Erinacines
    > 5 % Beta-Glucans
    > 2 % Polyphenols

    Oriveda 's pharmaceutical grade mycelium extract is the worlds first and (currently) the only alcohol extract based on pure liquid-grown mycelium. The emphasis is on the alcohol-soluble terpenes / terpenoids; i.e. a group of diterpenes known as erinacines. The two most recent clinical trials (2019/2020) were done using pure mycelium.

    Erinacines are seen as the most powerful NGF-inducers in Lion's Mane. They are only found in the mycelium. Oriveda have used a custom composition (a nutrients formula) for the liquid substrate in which the mycelium is growing; its purpose is to increase the production of erinacines, i.e. erinacine A.

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