Recurrent Infections 

Promoting a healthy immune system to keep bacteria under control

Antiobiotics are an excellent and much needed form of medicine for bacterial infections... life saving! It is our opinion that Chinese medicine is a complementary strategy that should be employed around appropriate antibiotic use, ensuring maximum safety. 

Chronic health problems, poor lifestyle choices and invasive bacterial strains are just some of the factors that can compromise a persons immune system and ability to balance bacteria in the body. Antibiotics can temporarily kill the offending pathogen, alongside many good bacteria in the body, however if the bodies environment, and immune response does not become more healthy and resistant, then a cyclic pattern of recurrent infections can continue to occur.

There are  concerns in modern healthcare around the repetitive use of antibiotics, as it is well known that many of the bacteria involved in infections have the ability to mutate and become resistant to antibiotic treatment. Also, antibiotics kill off not only bad bacteria, but also good bacteria in the gut, where many immune functions are prevalent. Some individuals are also allergic to antibiotics or have prolonged side effects from their use. 


Many people use probiotics to restore gut health after antibiotic use. This is a useful strategy, however the science is still fairly new regarding appropriate proportions of bacteria that should be prescribed in probiotics.  

How can Chinese medicine help?

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture have been shown to promote the bodies immune system and work with chronic health issues that may be linked to the recurrent infections (gut health, stress, fatigue etc). Your TCM practitioner will also offer general advice around lifestyle and diet accordingly to ensure that your body can regain balance and fight infections adequately.

If you or a loved one are struggling with recurrent UTI's, sinusitis, candida or other chronic infection issues, talk to our team about how we might be able to help.

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