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In Japanese, ‘Mai’ means dance and ‘Take’ means mushroom, thus ‘Dancing Mushroom’. Until about 1980 Maitake was only available from the wild. For millennia's, Maitake has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving health. 


Summary of the main therapeutic properties (based on small scale human trials, animal tests):


  • Normalizing the immune function.
  • Anticancer adjuvant.
  • Anti-HIV.
  • Positive effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • anti-diabetic (increases insulin sensitivity & lowers blood sugar levels)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps to normalise the balance between good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL). Also shows a liver-protecting effect.


Maitake grifolan (120 caps)

  • 120 v-caps @ 400 mg
    2 month supply (at 2 caps per day)

    > 38 % beta-glucan
    > 1.20 % polyphenols
    - hot water extract -

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