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CCCE stands for 'Cessante Causa, Cessat Effectus' which is Latin for 'by removing the cause you remove the effect'. It's referring to the immunological effect: if your immunity is optimal you have less chance to get sick.


CCCE® is a powerful immune-supporting dietary supplement, designed to help counter the negative effects of age and chronic stress on our immune system. CCCE® also has revitalising properties and supports developing the proper balance between good and bad cholesterol.


CCCE® is a blend of Maitake, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps militaris; 25% of each.


All four are exceptionally pure extracts with a high level of immune-modulating high-molecular weight beta-glucans and proteo-glycans.

CCCE - Immune formula (180 caps)

  • 180 vegetable caps @ 350 mg, 2 months supply (recommended dose: 3 caps p/d).

    ≥ 0.6 % cordycepin

    ≥ 0.2 % adenosine

    ≥ 30 % beta-glucan

    ≥ 1.20 % polyphenols

    - hot water extract-

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