Pelvic Pain 

Drop in clinic service designed to meet the needs of women who suffer from primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea. 

There are a number of theories about the  causes of pelvic pain in gynecology, including sensitization of mechano-receptors, proliferation of unmyelinated nerve endings in endometrial lesions, changes in central pain processing, increased inflammatory mediators and

possible psychological/ cognitive factors.


Acupuncture can be an adjunctive treatment for pelvic pain, as it has been shown to reduce inflammation, stimulate endogenous opioid production, effect central pain processing and reduce NGF (nerve growth factor). To know more about the research in this area, please follow the links at the botton of this page. 

Pelvic Pain Drop In Clinic

Based on the research of Dr Mike Armour who completed his PhD examining the effect of acupuncture on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea at NICM in 2016. We use a set point protocol with each treatment, using acupuncture points that are most commonly used in gynecological disorders. 

How many treatments will I need?

In order to see results, we need to see women for a set period of time. Studies have suggested that for women with primary dysmenorrhea, this is 1 x weekly for 10 weeks. (often would perhpas also be helpful) 


Women with pelvic pain due to issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease etc, treatment should be twice a week, for 8 weeks. 

How does the pelvic pain drop in clinic work? 

All treatments are charged at a much reduced fee of $30 per treatment. These treatments are only to be had as part of a pre-paid package of either 10 over 11 weeks (primary dysmenorrhea) or 16 over 9 weeks (secondary dysmenorrhea inc endometriosis, PID, fibroids etc) These treatments must also be completed within the time frame to ensure adequate treatment dosage. Refunds will not be given for those that do not complete their treatments in time. 

When can women come? 

The first appointment requires booking either via phone  drop in clinic is designed to accommodate women when they are available. As there will be mi