Treating Chronic Health

Evergreen Herb International Ltd., founded in 2004, is a New Zealand owned herbal company with a vision of promoting health and well-being through modified traditional Chinese herbal formulas.  Built on both western and eastern clinical experiences,combined with modern herbal scientific research and technology, Evergreen Herb is committed to:


Online Herbal Consultations

Offering you professional herbal medicine advice so you can help yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Consultations for treatment of chronic health conditions with herbs can be done online, with products then posted or picked up from the clinic.

Cost $60 includes full health history and herbal guidance

Follow up consult $30

* herbs and postage are an additional charge

Email or see here for more about Laura

Evergreen Herb products have been developed through extensive consultations with a team of prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialists and clinicians. Having been practicing in the authoritative Chinese Academy of TCM and clinics of western countries for many years, the members of the team are specialized in clinical diagnosis, herbal formulation,
assessment for modified formulation, and usage of herbal medicine.

Evergreen Herb uses modified classical formulas for maximizing efficacy and safety of the products, which has been done under  the strict guidance of these leading experts. Consideration has been given to both the traditional uses of classical formulas and the evaluation of modern environments and health needs that determine the role of the TCM practitioners in the West.

Evergreen Herb has also employed experts who are specialized in phytochemistry and TCM pharmacology, embracing the core value of modern technology in the Chinese herbal medicine industry. The products are manufactured according to specific decoction processes that are guided by our TCM pharmaceutical specialists, maximizing the safety and effect of the formula by preserving all essential natural active ingredients during processing.

Laura has been using Evergreen Herb in her professional practice for 10 years, and studied extensively with a 3 year apprenticeship under her specialist Shelly Sun.

  • Traditional patent formulas modified by the TCM specialists with extensive clinical experiences and modern herbal research


  • Use only mild and non-toxic herbal ingredients. This makes Evergreen Herb formulas especially suitable for Western trained acupuncturists who use acupuncture as their primary modality, and wish to safely support their treatments with reliable modified classical formulas

  • All herbal ingredients used follow the Australian Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA) guideline standards;


  • All formulas follow the TCM hierarchy principle of herbal formulation practiced for 3,000 years all herbs in a formula synergize each other to achieve high safety and efficacy;

  • Evergreen Herb products contain either single, double or triple formulas, with clear instructions. This allows practitioners to treat multiple patterns simultaneously and for both causes and symptoms to be targeted within a single product

  • Classical formulas selected and modified for adapting to western people in regards to different lifestyles, weather and environmental patterns and diets

  • Evergreen Herb products are a range of innovative formulas that are designed to target the same symptoms from different causes, and the same cause with different symptoms. They are also easily combined and alternated to support each other, creating comprehensive care and better long term results


  • Evergreen Herb products are concentrated, 100% herbal extracts that do not contain any coating agents, artificial flavors and coloring, preservatives, added sugars, gluten or lactose. Unique labeling for clear indications, instructions and easy-selection

  • Product labeling are approved by New Zealand TAPS (Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting System)

  • Evergreen Herb products have clear indications and instructions without obscure TCM terms easy selection for both practitioner and patients, reducing workload


  • A full range of information is provided with inside leaflet – patients are well informed to have more confidence in the products and safety of use

  • Evergreen Herb provides complete package of usage chart, technical handbook for acupuncturists to easily operate in their practice.

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Newtown Acupuncture Centre

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