The Health Collective

82 Riddiford Street, Newtown

I have an appointment at The Health Collective, where do I go?
Simply come in through the main entrance to Newtown Acupuncture at 82 Riddiford Street, and let reception know you have arrived. Your practitioner will be out to greet you when they are ready.
What payment options are available at Newtown Health Collective?
Check with your practitioner how they prefer payment to be made 
How can I book an appointment?
Please contact via email/ phone the practitioner you wish to see.  Please read practitioners page for more info on booking

Meet Our Practitioners 


Monika is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years professional nursing experience across of variety of hospital settings and primary healthcare.

Monika uses the NES health technology system and remedies to help her clients identify energy blockages that “play in a loop” and stop them from leaving healthy, happy and fulfilling life. She also use Kinesiology techniques to overcome emotional imbalances, internal self-sabotage and deep subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and stopping from moving forward in your life.

Monika Manterys
Mind Body Balance
Maria Zandis
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Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal Healing & Gridding, Intuitive & Holistic Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing

I am a certified Access Bars Practitioner and Energetic Facelift Practitioner, a Holistic coach (Dip LC), an Intuitive coach, a certified Crystal Healer and a Crystal Gridder.


Being an empath all my life, it made perfect sense for me to work in the area where I help people with their personal life, with their business or career and with spiritual wellbeing using not only knowledge and experience but also my own gift of clairsentient.


1 hour session including Access Bars, chakra balancing and planning chat costs $120. Discounts are offered on packages.




Join Lauren on a journey of self exploration and peace through the amazing discipline of meditation. Lauren has been teaching meditation in Australia, India and NZ for over 10 years. She truly practices what she preaches, and has found beauty beyong words through her commitment to the practice. 

Lauren Godfrey
Vedic Meditation Teacher 
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Leonie Kueh is an emerging acupuncturist with experience in one-on-one treatments and also group-style or community acupuncture treatments. Leonie started out as a student in biomedical science and eventually combined her scientific knowledge with traditional knowledge and gained skills in traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. 


After 5 years of formal study, Leonie is registered as an acupuncturist with Acupuncture New Zealand and is also a registered practitioner with ACC.


Leonie utilises scalp acupuncture as well as body acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, guasha or shiroku.

Leonie Kueh 


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Please book practitioners via emailing, texting or calling them.
Online bookings are for Newtown Acupuncture only.