Private room sessions with set point protocol of acupuncture. Show up, lie down & relax, and we will take care of the rest. 

Limited Spaces, so book early


What is My-nd Tonic? 

My - my time, my space, my self care

Mind - overactive with strategy, planning, problem solving, analysing... 

Tonic (adjective) giving a feeling or vigour or wellbeing

My-nd Tonic treatments take 50 minutes and are designed to induce a deep state of relaxation, aiming to gently lower brain wave activity, leaving you feeling refreshed, restored and calm. Our best insights can come when we let go.  How do we do this?

Binaural Beats - When you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency, your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies. This is called a binaural beat. 


Binaural beats between 1 and 30 Hz are alleged to create the same brainwave pattern that one would experience during meditation. When you listen to a sound with a certain frequency, your brain waves will synchronize with that frequency. Binaural beats are claimed to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much more quickly. In effect, binaural beats are said to:

  • reduce anxiety

  • increase focus and concentration

  • lower stress

  • increase relaxation

  • foster positive moods

  • promote creativity

  • help manage pain

Acupuncture - see our page on acupuncture. Or visit AMH for more info on how acupuncture helps with mental health disorders 

Breathing Technique - We will teach you a simple breathing technique that you can follow for 10-30 minutes of your session. Using deep breathing, you can connect with your body and emotions and calm your nervous system... anywhere, anytime.

Therapeutic Grade Lavender - Eye pillow infused with essentail oil of lavender. Available trials support the short-term efficacy of the standardized lavender oil extract in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including subsyndromal anxiety disorder (anxiety not otherwise specified), General Anxiety Disorders, restlessness and agitation with disturbed sleep, and Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder. (evidence link)

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