Mind Body Balance 

Mind Body Balance uses natural and non-invasive therapies and remedies to restore energy patterns in your mind and body to support their self healing abilities.

I focus on the mind/body connection and how this relationship can influence health in general. I am particularly focused on helping clients regain their self-healing power through a variety of services.


I work to treat the underlying causes of your symptoms through analysing your body’s energy field, biofeedback therapy and muscle testing/balancing. 


Monika Manterys 
Registered Nurse
NES Health Practitioner
Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner (IKC)
Kinergetics Practitioner

Are you looking to treat your tiredness & fatigue, inflammation, acute & chronic pain, poor sleep, digestive issues, anxiety, stress and more?

Mind Body Balance Therapies


We analyse the body’s energy field using the computerised NES scanning system to identify the underlying energy blocks in your muscles, organs and mind that can contribute to health problems.


The scan also shows how your energy field is transferring information, responding to environmental factors and recognising and using nutrients.

While this isn’t a medical assessment, the scans can indicate the underlying bioenergetic root causes of your health concerns. These root causes can often include shock/trauma, trapped emotions and energy blocks. Our scans also assess thought and emotion patterns, including those that might be “playing in a loop” that potentially contribute to chronic health problems.


First scan & consultation – 1 hour – $120
Follow up scan & consultation – 30 min – $80


After the body energy analysis scan, we rejuvenate your body’s energy flow through releasing the identified energy blocks, enhancing communication between your body’s cells and bringing them all back to normal.

The non-invasive handheld miHealth device (pictured) uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) technology and bioelectric stimulation to clear and rejuvenate energy flows in your muscles, organs and systems, such as nervous and cardiovascular. It also provides immediate relief from pain, stress or anxiety. This optimises your body’s natural self-healing processes.

10 min – $30 (max 30 min)


We offer Infoceuticals – energised mineral-based remedies. These correct your body’s energy blockages at a deeper level, further optimising what the biofeedback therapy provides. Infoceuticals are most commonly taken with filtered or spring water.

As you go through the healing process while taking Infoceuticals you may experience some short-term discomfort. This is a natural part of the healing process as your body adapts to the correction of any energy blockages.

$35 per bottle


We offer Touch for Health Kinesiology and Kinergetics. We use muscle testing to communicate with your body to find out what kind of support your body needs to optimise its self healing. Through muscle testing we can determine energy imbalances in relation to your meridians, organs, glands and the five elements identified in traditional Chinese medicine.

Kinesiology works across structural, emotional, biochemical and nutritional issues in order to bring your body back into balance.

Kinesiology can assist you with increasing your energy and vitality, promoting wellbeing, reducing stress and/or pain, realising your trapped emotions or even improving your performance at business, sport or learning.


1 hour – $80