The key is to get our man-made laws in tune with the immutable universal laws of nature. Without harmony with natural law, without merging and transformation of Yin and Yang, all aspects of body, mind and spirit will cease to be nourished and will lose vitality as imbalance manifests in chaos and destruction. 


            ~Huang Di Nei Jing Suwen

                  (400 BCE and 260 CE)

Leonie Kueh

BHSc Acupuncture

BSc Anatomy

ACC Registered 

Registered with Acupuncture NZ

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Acupuncture is the clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine that views each person as an integration of mind, body, environment and psychosocial relationships. It treats the whole person and seeks to establish dynamic equilibrium and resilience within the person. A primary goal of acupuncture is to promote health and vitality, thus treatments are health oriented rather than illness oriented.


Leonie’s acupuncture practice draws strength from her lived experiences, and her ability to stay calm and centred in adversity. Leonie aspires to provide safe transmission of the tradition of inner peace, focusing her treatments on the human condition by issuing 45 or 60 minute doses of human-centred acupuncture retreats. She is committed to a high standard of care in a peaceful, professional and culturally safe clinic environment. 

Leonie is known for her compassion for others and for sharing her skills as a volunteer. This passion and strong desire to help others in need, has lead to the setting up and establishment of Wellington Acupuncture Community Clinic. Leonie is also an intern practicing maternity acupuncture at Hutt Hospital Maternity Unit in Lower Hutt, which provides free acupuncture for women during pregnancy and post-delivery. Leonie is also developing a special clinical interest in the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and sleep medicine. When she is not working, she likes to spend time growing food or improving her rock climbing skills at her local indoor climbing wall.


Leonie is accepting bookings to expand her experience of treating a vast range of acute and chronic conditions, and welcomes new patients. 


Adults Initial Consultation and Treatment 60 minutes $85

Follow-up 50 minutes $70

Follow-up 30 minutes $54

ACC Surcharge $25

* reduced pricing may be available on request

Leonie is currently training in Nepal from January to March 2020, and will return to resume acupuncture services in April 2020.


“This qi,

You cannot stop it with physical strength,

And yet you can quiet it with your inner power;

You cannot call it with your voice,

And yet you can welcome it with intention/awareness. 

Guard it reverently and do not lose it.

This is called maturing your inner power.

When your inner power is mature, wisdom emerges,

And every one of the myriad things will be grasped.”