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There is no doubt that these are unpredictable times, and many people will be feeling the pressure and anxiety of it all. We hope to make our clinic somewhat of a safehaven where you can take a load off and enjoy your treatment as per usual. To do this, we need your help to keep the space as safe as possible.  Our staff will be following some new procedures an it is important that we keep these up for some time, so please be patient. 

Our new measures include;


  • Screening every patient that comes to the clinic for 

a) active or past cold/flu symptoms (please do not come to the clinic if you have cold/flu symptoms)

b) known history of or contact with anyone with covid19

c) international travel in the last 3 weeks


  •  A register of all people coming and going from the premises, or 'contact tracing' if you are not already booked in.


  • All arrivals at the clinic to wash their hands for 30 seconds immediately. 


  • Spacing of one metre to be maintained unless for the purpose of the practitioner treating the patient.


  • Vinyl beds as well as the plastic basket that clothes are put in to be wiped with 70% alcohol.


  • Regular cleaning of common contact points like eftpos, door handles etc. 


  • Our therapists will be diligent in reducing contact as much as possible and as per usual, washing hands frequently. 

Additional ideas for general immune system health

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